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Rebuilt Webasto® Heater Control Module
For Aqua-Hot / Hydro-Hot

Dometic® Duo-Therm Comfort Control
4 Button Thermostat (REPAIRS)

All repair orders for the Dometic® Thermostat will be unavailable from
May 15, 2017 through Aug 15, 2017.

Price: - Warranty: 6 Months

These rebuilt controllers are for use in AquaHot and HydroHot heaters with Webasto burners.

By returning your repairable aluminum controller within 15 days, you will receive a core refund of .

The black plastic controllers by Spheros are not repairable - No core refunds will be issued for this model.

There is a 25% restocking fee, be sure the other components are not the problem.

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Controller number SG 1553/12V 287.962 is compatible with all 12 volt Aqua Hot and Hydro Hot heaters using the Webasto diesel burner. All our controllers are used and have been repaired and thoroughly TESTED, including being run on an Aqua Hot heater. We have re-built over 1500 of them. The cost less than half of a new controller when you return your old, failed, unopened, undamaged, re-build-able core for a refund for a RED, BLACK OR GREEN labeled aluminum controller. The Spheros black plastic controllers are not repairable and therefore not accepted for the refund.

The spring steel bracket can be rather difficult to remove without damaging the case. Hint: use a small screw driver in the notch at either end of the bracket, to spread it over the side of the case. Please keep your bracket.

We are an electronics firm that rebuilds controllers - not an Aqua Hot service center. A trouble shooting manual is available by searching online.

These controllers have a 6 months warranty from the date engraved on the back. Warranty exchange is not available for a controller that has been opened, altered, or a lost/damaged in shipment. We pay for sending a purchased controller to you and ask that you pay the shipping charges for sending a controller back to us.

We prefer sell controllers than to to provide them for testing or when other heater components are the actual problem. An undamaged controller purchased from us may be returned within 14 days for a $125 re-stocking fee. Keeping our controller as a spare is very helpful because heat of the Aqua Hot system is the enemy of these electronic components inside.

We ship controllers via USPS Priority Flat Rate Mail with delivery in 2-3 days to the USA. We also ship to Canada.

Price: - Warranty: 1 Year

The 4 button Control Centers are seldom available.

Most of our repairs involve push buttons and power switches.

Repairs are typically done the same day as they are recieved.

We request that you call us to understand the problem with your thermostat and to provide current contact information.

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Frerichs Electronics LLC offers repair of YOUR Dometic 4 button Comfort Control thermostat with a one year warranty. We replace the 4 button switches and/or the power switch. Some internal parts are unavailable so it is important that the display still functions. We have repaired over 1500 of these thermostats.

If you previously have been happy with your present thermostat, our service is a very economical way to solve those frustrating, intermittent push button and power switch problems without upgrading to the far more expensive 5 button system. It is important that the display of your thermostat is still functions - though a missing word or two missing on the display (cool or furnace) is still repairable.

Send your Comfort Control thermostat to us for repair. The repair includes return postage back to you. Please include your name, address, phone number and email address inside a mailing box. Please leave the thermostat in its front case for mailing protection.

We test all functions and zone performance prior to returning your thermostat by USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail box. Typically the repair is made the same day received.

Make sure arrangements have been made for any custom amount being paid.

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